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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Basic Beginner Tips

                               The source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YbJk-acjO1I
I would like to give you some basic tips that I have learned in the course of my blogging experience. There are some topics that I have mentioned throughout my blog already but this is a more of a discussion on the basic SEO strategy.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a process of getting traffic from the free search results on search engines. Topics on your website or blog that will be related to something which is content on your website or blog when you search in Google or FireFox etc..

First off Hosting is a way to find a good website or blog hosting site for example:Blogger or WordPress
this will store your information on a server and provide the information to your readers and or customers browsers when searching online.

 Blog/Blog Content they say content is king which so far in my blogging experience is very true and also your layout of your blog or website. You have to know who your audience is and who your are writing for as for my blog I am trying to have topics about a lot of different things not sure if that is a good or a bad thing but I have some traffic coming to my blog but only a couple of post are keeping readers coming back.
Try to write content that readers will keep coming back to be more visible in the SEO space. Boosting a single or multiple web pages in order to rank higher and try to gain more traffic in search engines.

Meta tags and Keywords- Meta Tags are peaces of information that relates a pages information on your blog or website meta tags do not appear in the page but in the pages code and are usually at the head of the page.

Keywords- Keywords are phrases that are used in search engines so when people are looking for information.

 Here is a list of some keyword tools that your can use:

-Keyword Planner
-MOZ's Keyword Explore

Happy Blogging!!!

20 Blog Topic Ideas

Here are some blog topics they may help boost some traffic to your blog:

1. Make a post with tons of GIFS - GIFS are some good online entertainment there are a lot of  GIFS online that you can search for and you can also add some GIFS to your other blog posts.

2. A list of your favorite blogs- Make a list of blogs and bloggers you follow and give some helpful material to your readers.

3. Marketing Strategies- If your are marketing affiliate it you may want to share your skills with others.

4. Food Recipes- You can post about some of your favorite meals and desserts

5. About your experience blogging- You can write about how you started and where you got your ideas from.

6. A question and answer blog- Start a question post and try to answer all the questions your readers has.

7. A contest post- Run a blog contest you may draw some traffic to your blog

8. A post about folklore's- Write about old wise tales of stories that were passed down from generation to generation.

9. A movie post- You could talk about movies that were not noticed that few under the radar. The movies that didn't get as much publicity as other block buster movies.

10. Vegan or Vegetarian  post- Post about vegan and vegetarian recipes and post them on vegan and vegetarian social media groups.

11. How to lose weight- Start a discussion on how to lose weight and the proper diet and workout methods to follow.

12. How to play a guitar- If you are an avid guitar player you might want to write about and maybe start a you tube video and live stream your talent.

13. Interior design- If you are good at interior design write about interior design tips and how you got started share some photos.

14. Technology how to- Give your readers some technology tips that may help not everyone has a technology background so giving some tips that may be helpful could draw some traffic.

15. Maintenance how to- If you have a mechanical background and want to share some of your expertise.

16. Photography- If you are a good photographer you may want to share some photos on social media site or photography blog groups.

17. Gamer- If you are a gamer you could write about the latest games and maybe do a youtube video on the games you have played and maybe a live stream discussion.

18. Content about you niche- Give readers some content about your niche for example: stay up to date on the latest fashion trends or the finance industry.

19. Wine Connoisseur- If you know a lot about wine you may wan to write about all sorts of different wines where they come from and taste.

20. Sports- You maybe a sports fanatic and want to share your thoughts on the latest sports trades and teams and post them on social media sports blog groups.

Check out these cool GIPHY

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The source:  http://reddit.com/r/reactiongifs/comments/2ymolt/mrw_im_stuck_in_the_car_with_my_friends_and_i/

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The source: https://blog.eat24.com/giftuesday/

The source: https://blog.eat24.com/giftuesday/

The source: https://creativemarket.com/blog/gifs-every-graphic-designer-can-appreciate

Why use Bing Webmaster Tools?

Before we begin this discussion about Bing webmaster tools if you are new at blogging you can check out my Blogger Beginner post first and other blog topics on my blog that may help you through your journey becoming a blogger.

So Bing master Tools is a free utility and is part of Microsoft Bing search engine which authorizes webmaster to the Bing index crawler. Bing webmaster tools constructs a large amount of information for webmaster to use  and detect SEO (Search Engine Optimization) issues and is the main device for Bing to relay those problems to the site owner. What you should have first is a Microsoft account to sign into Bing Webmaster Tools so sign up for a Microsoft account first then sign into Bing webmaster tools using your Microsoft account.

Then once your in Bing master Tools you will type in your blog or website in the box underneath where it says My Sites. Then you will have to add some code so follow the instructions to verify your blog or website. Once your into Bing Webmaster tools you first want to add your sitemaps because Google and Bing really like XML sitemaps so to get your Sitemap you can go to this site which is http://ctrlq.org/blogger/ to get your sitemap code for blogger

Here is the video if you which to watch and it will give you a step by step walk through about sitemaps how to: 

 Once you get your code you can copy and paste the code into the <head> section of your default webpage. When you are logged in to Bing webmaster tools then is another feature called Sitemps URL  on the left side so once you make a new blog post or add new content up on the Internet you can submit the URL's to Bing and that's another way to get quickly indexed by Bing. I can't go into all the options that Bing Webmaster Tools has to offer I am still learning as I go with Bing Webmaster tools so this is just a short discussion how to get started using Bing Webmaster Tools. 

Happy Blogging!!!!

Sitemaps get a higher ranking in Google

Here is what I have found out in my blogging journey is there's a lot of procedures you have to take in consideration when you post your new blog and want to have your blog or website noticed. You can spread your blog or website across social media sites and sites like dlvr.it which is a automation tool designed to automate social media sites which I use but I wouldn't stop there and just sit back and let dlvr.it do its thing you want more coverage over the internet and get higher ranking in Google.

I will explain to you what I found out and what I also use which are sitemaps and how they are important so lets get right to it.

Sitemaps is a directory or model that holds information with details on the web pages that are included in a blog or website to inform Google and other search engines to index what is indexing? Indexing is the process of the information gathered so imagine it like a catalog so Google uses the sitemaps files as a guide to the pages available on your blog or website.

You can use SEO (Search Engine Optimization) but its not enough for web sites to rank and have visibility online. SEO is a way to increase traffic and optimization so it preforms well in search engines. There are 2 types of sitemaps HTML and XML they both have a special structure and they used to inform search engines about the content on a web pages and the site.

Sitemaps will increase the search power while making the blog or website more user friendly overall the theme of the blog or website will be more integrated and users will be able to view the searches of the blog or website and links all the pages. The important part of any blog or website is to gain more traffic and more visibility because as you know there is a lot of competition out there and its important to be everywhere all the time.

To learn more about sitemaps and how it works go to Google Search Console sign in with your Google account and click on the Add A Property tab then it will go through a step by step process getting set up in Google Webmaster Tools and hopefully be in the number #1 ranking in Google. Also you should resubmit each time you add a new post or update your blog.

Hope this helps!!!!